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Mill for malt

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Product code Power Capacity (kg/h)
PMSLAD Three-phase 300

Malt mill consists of a pair of toothed rollers whose distance can be changed from 0.5 to 10 mm according to the required granulation. Malt mill can be made in several versions, according to requirements of customers.

As today’s standards require, the construction of malt mill is completely made of stainless steel. In addition to the standard program our team of engineers is able to offer other construction of mill according to your requirement.

Malt mill consists of a pair of toothed rollers whose distance can be changed according to the required granulation.
Why to buy PRO-MLIN Mill for malt?
  • Professionally designed
    We are a team of doctors and graduated mechanical engineers. Each of our mill is designed using our extensive knowledge and years of experience.
  • Easier to use
    Unlike those whose only advantage is external appearance, our mills are designed to have good cooling and easy cleaning ability.
  • Try before buying
    Before buying you can always try our mill and watch the 3D simulation of the milling.
  • Over 20 years of tradition
    Since 1992, successfully servicing thousands of our mills and mills made by other manufacturers.


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Mill with rollers three-dimensional model (3D model).

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First step is to select the model clicking on the picture of the model. The second step is that in the drop-down menu, which will open on the left, select the color of model. Then you will open a 3D view where you can get further guidance on the control of model.


Since 1992. when we started to produce professional cereal mills, many things have changed in terms of appearance, shape and construction, but one thing remains forever, the highest level of production technology and perfect quality products. Our long tradition of mills and all the people who still continue to use them on several continents around the world can offer the only guarantee of our quality, everything else we have to prove by ourselves.


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