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Professional mill for coffee

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Product code Power Capacity (kg/h)
PMK15M Single-phase 15
PMK15T Three-phase 15
PMK30M Single-phase 30
PMK30T Three-phase 30
PMK60T Three-phase 60
Production of professional coffee grinders. Mill for coffee consists of a pair of carriers with stones made of silicon carbide and stainless steel spiral.

The professional coffee grinder consists of a pair of carriers with mill stones made of silicon carbide and a stainless steel spiral for pulling coffee in the mill. A professional coffee grinder can be created in several varieties, according to customer requirements. The mill can be on the pole (directly grinding into the bag), on the base (with the container for the reception of grind) or on the box. Construction of the mill is entirely made of stainless materials (stainless steel and aluminum).

Silicon carbide (SiC) is obtained by heating quartz sand mixed with cox in an electric oven at 20000 ° C. In the pure state they are colorless crystals with hardness almost equal to diamond. Technically SiC is dark in color because of unavoidable impurities. In the engineering industry from silicon carbide, due to its high hardness, are made grinding wheels. Because of these characteristics of the material millstone has a high resistance to abrasion, moisture, and application in a wide temperature range. Since in mill shearing force is used to reduce the grain size, our form of grooves proved to be the most effective, because of the quality of grind and because of the outlet temperature and finesse.

Why would you buy PROMLIN Professional mill for coffee?
  • Professionally designed
    We are a team of doctors and graduated mechanical engineers. Each of our mills is designed using our extensive knowledge and years of experience.
  • Easier to use
    Unlike those whose only advantage is external appearance, our mills are designed to have good cooling and easy cleaning ability.
  • Try before buying
    Before buying you can always try our mills, and watch the 3D simulation of the milling.
  • Over 20 years of tradition
    Since 1992, successfully servicing thousands of our mills, and mills made by other manufacturers.


On the right you can see photos of PRO-MLIN coffee grinder at the Belgrade Fair in 1994. Since we started to produce professional coffee grinder, many things have changed in terms of appearance, shape and construction, but one thing remains forever, the highest level of production technology and perfect quality products. Our long tradition of mills and all the people who still continue to use them on several continents around the world can offer the only guarantee of our quality, everything else we have to prove ourselves.


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